Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The great gold stock rally

This year has been extremely kind to gold and silver mining stock investors.  If you were one of the few participants to have had the courage to buy when no one else was interested, you certainly have enjoyed a profitable ride so far.  Thankfully our subscribers were among those who took the plunge and bought mining stocks when they were cheap.  We’ve been basking in the rewards in the past few months and hope to continue our winning streak in the months to come.

Here’s what our performance has been in like since last year.  The following graph is a weekly tally of all trading recommendations made in the Gold & Silver Stock Report.  This includes all gold/silver ETF and individual mining stock trading recommendations.

As illustrated by this chart, patience is typically rewarded whenever you consistently practice a reliable trading discipline.  Discipline is the key word here, for without it a trader will always succumb to blind emotion and eventually lose money.  That’s why discipline [i.e. sound money management] is so important whenever you’re operating in the financial market.  With GSSR, you always have the advantage of a time-tested discipline at hand and you can always be assured of avoiding the big market declines while benefiting from the big rallies.  This is how a trader or investor comes out a winner in the long-term scheme of things.

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