Thursday, October 3, 2013

MSR performance for Q3

Another quarter is in the books which means it's time to review our trading recommendations published in the Momentum Strategies Report for the last three months.  There were only a few recommendations made due to increased volatility and narrowing sector performance, but it was a worthwhile quarter.

The third quarter of 2013 was indeed largely profitable for most companies, though there was more stock market volatility in Q3 compared to Q2.  The third quarter heralded the start of a narrowing phase for the stock market where stock selection becomes much more important than just buying an index ETF and holding.  This trend continued throughout Q3.    

Following are the results of our stock/ETF trading recommendations for Q3 2013:

July 9: Bought Molina Healthcare (MOH) @ 38.99
July 18: Bought PowerShares S&P 500 Quality Portfolio ETF (SPHQ) @ 18.74
July 23: Took some profit in MOH @ 40.90
July 29: Sold MOH @ 38.70
Aug. 15: Sold SPHQ @ 18.74
Sep. 10: Bought CNA Financial Corp. (CNA) @ 36.70
Sep. 16: Took some profit in CNA @ 38.00
Sep. 30: Sold CNA @ 37.60

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