Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bond yields give stocks a run for their money

A couple of reasons can be attributed to the market’s increasing sensitivity to news.  One is the fact that interest rate on the 10-year Treasury note has been rising lately.  As we talked about in the previous report, this puts pressure on stocks and the longer the rising trend in Treasury yields continue, the more vulnerable the stock market becomes to short-term selling pressure. 

The CBOE 10-Year Treasury Note Yield Index (TNX), shown below in relation to its 15-day moving average, was up 4.22% on Wednesday as Treasury prices fell.  Also worth mentioning is that prices for corporate bonds and high-yield debt have been falling while yields have been rising.  This is a potentially negative combination for stocks heading into the summer if the trend persists. 

[Excerpted from the May 22 issue of Momentum Strategies Report]

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