Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gold: technicals vs. fundamentals

Gold’s recent crash also serves as a case in point of what happens when investors fall in love with a fundamental story and ignore the market’s technical picture. 

Speaking of gold’s sell-off, Thomas Vitiello, partner at Aurum Options Strategies, told CNBC: “What happens is the fundamentals are there and it’s not responding the way you would think it would, so you have to look at that.” 

The above statement is typical of those who embrace an asset’s fundamentals without taking into consideration price pattern and internal factors.  Vitiello added, “You can’t buck the trend, but right here, how could you be bullish?” 

This statement is reflective of the confusion that faces a fundamental investor after the price of his investment has crashed.  He sees that the fundamental picture hasn’t changed, yet prices keep dropping.  This serves to illustrate that in the near term the market is driven primarily by technicals, not fundamentals.  [Excerpted from the 4/16/13 issue of Gold & Silver Stock Report, available at]

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