Wednesday, April 6, 2016

MSR Performance Review

The past year has been an exceedingly challenging one for traders and investors alike.  Most hedge fund managers drastically under performed last year, and many haven’t fared much better in the first quarter of 2016.  For those with a technically sound and conservative trading discipline like the one we use for the Momentum Strategies Report, the year has been stellar so far.

Here’s what our MSR stock and ETF trading portfolio recommendations look like through the end of March.  A picture is worth a thousand words, and the following graph shows how MSR outperformed most Wall Street hedge funds last year.

Unlike most Wall Street analysts, the Momentum Strategies Report kept our subscribers on the correct side of the market throughout 2015 by simply following the market tape.  More importantly, we’ve made impressive gains for our subscribers in 2016 to date and have dramatically outperformed the broad market by focusing on beaten-down sectors which have benefited from the February-March recovery rally.

Unlike other advisory services, MSR maintains a stock/ETF portfolio of typically less than three (affordable) trading positions at any given time. We select only the safest, strongest stocks with an emphasis on relative strength and momentum. The MSR system has enabled us to consistently stay on the correct side of the market while limiting volatility and maximizing gains.

Our goal for the months ahead is to exceed even this performance by delivering the best possible stock and ETF selection based on our reliable and battle-tested technical discipline.  

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